Life is a progression from darkness to light, and knowledge is the beacon of light which illuminates our path to self-realization. Education trains one to act and think independently to produce individuals who consider services before self. With this motivation, a dedicated band of Philanthropists planted the seedlings of the present Royal College.

In the era of increased competition, higher education is the yardstick by which the progress of every nation is measured. Today, as India stands at the doorstep of a most exciting future replete with possibilities of unprecedented growth and development, higher education stands out as the pivotal variable-a factor that all of us as responsible citizens have the good fortune to impact. Today, industry,academia and the general society all need to join hands to share each others expertise, enthausiasm and commitement to make a truly skilled, pregressive and responsible indian citizenry a reality. In keeping with this spirit, Royal college has focused on providing wholesome, relevent education to its students in an environment that inculcates, mutual respect and corporation.

The strong conviction of making a person educated in true sense and no merely a literate makes us a little different. We are also proud to offer the scholarship programmes for the deserving students who are meritorious and are deprived of availing quality higher education. Thirst for bringing out qualified individuals of high calibre to take advantage of immense opportunities the world offers, demonstrates the mission of relentless service in education by the college.

The college campus is situated in heart of Ghaziabad surrounded by greeneries and serene atmosphere. The college has geared up to achieve the prominence as an innovator in education, responding to the variety needs of a changing population, We value access to education and embrace opportunities to utilize advanced technology, innovation and creativity to provide highest quality education.

On behalf of the faculty, administration and staff, we wish you the very best of success in pursuing your chosen career and welcome you to our Royal college and the excellent educational opportunities in various streams.

Vijay Agarwal

The Prospects for Law Graduates are very bright for becoming Judges, Advocates, Administrators, Industrialists, Law Makers and Jurists. They are free to practice in Civil Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, Labour Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, Consumer Protection Law, Private and Public Intellectual Law, Environmental Law, Medico Legal Science, Transportation Law, Business Laws etc. The Graduates are in great demand in various Government Departments, Public & private Enterprises, Multinational Corporations and LPO�s etc. © Copyright Royal College of Law Privacy Policy | Legal Disclaimer Designed by AdMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd.